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A Chic Life - Philosophy

The Chic Life Philosophy is about living life from the inside out, being who you are, living an elegant life, your way.

It’s about:

  • Expressing style
  • Cultivating simplicity
  • Practicing self-care.

The ideas I share here are drawn from psychology, philosophy, French attitudes and culture, and my own insights, experience, and minor epiphanies.

This blog will always be a journey, a work in progress, an evolution. Like every one of us.

She was waiting, unconsciously, for that revolution which often comes in the life of a woman no longer young and directs the future course of her existence.

— Nancy Mitford

A Chic Life - Style Simplicity Self-Care

C’est Moi, Michele

Salut, I'm Michele. For me, 'chic' is more than how you look - it's how you do everything. A chic life is personal style, an organized home, elegance, confidence, living well, self-care, minimalism, joyful work, and happy relationships. And it all starts with knowing who you are. Thank you for joining me! Read More

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