The Chic Life Philosophy


A Chic Life - Philosophy

The Chic Life Philosophy is about living life from the inside out, being who you are, living an elegant life, your way.

It’s about:

  • Expressing style
  • Cultivating simplicity
  • Practicing self-care.

My goals are to live by conscious choice and not convention or habit. To have less, but better quality. To do more of what matters and less of everything else. To live with grace, elegance, style. To show love, kindness, compassion. To experience inner peace and joy…

The ideas I share here are drawn from psychology, philosophy, French attitudes and culture, and my own insights, experience, and minor epiphanies.

This blog will always be a journey, a work in progress, an evolution. Like every one of us.

She was waiting, unconsciously, for that revolution which often comes in the life of a woman no longer young and directs the future course of her existence.

— Nancy Mitford

A Chic Life - Style Simplicity Self-Care

A Chic Year of Style, Simplicity and Self-Care
Your Chic Transformation Starts Here
C’est Moi, Michele

Salut, I'm Michele. For me, 'chic' is more than how you look - it's how you do everything. A chic life is personal style, an organized home, elegance, confidence, living well, self-care, minimalism, joyful work, and happy relationships. And it all starts with knowing who you are. Thank you for joining me! Read More

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