Have Beautiful Hands: My Chic-And-Simple Approach

A woman’s hands reveal much.

The state of her skin and nails display her self-care. How much she touches her face and whether she bites her nails betray her self-confidence. Her elegant gestures show her inner poise and self-possession.

For some women, beautiful hands require regular professional manicures, paraffin treatments, and the latest nail polish colours. Others do their own manicures but invest in tools and products, soaks and potions, and YouTube tutorials.

Of course both are fine, but I’m a girl who likes to keep life simple, avoid as many tasks as possible, and have as few products (or things of any type) as I can. I am a minimalist and I enjoy being chic in an effortless, low-maintenance way.

So I have come up with my own chic-and-simple approach to having beautiful hands. (HINT: the only soaking I do involves Maraschino cherries). It’s simple, takes little time, and is inexpensive.

A woman’s hands reveal much. The state of her nails displays self-care. How much she touches her face betrays self-confidence. Elegant gestures show inner poise and self-possession.

My Chic-And-Simple Approach To Beautiful Hands

  1. Every day in the shower, gently push back your cuticles. Do this while your skin is soft and supple. Be gentle. If you do this daily, then your nail beds will always look clean and neat. If you’re one of those people whose cuticles miraculously stay in place, you can skip this step.
  2. Also daily in the shower, gently scrub your nails with a nail brush. Clean under the nails, then rub the bristles over your nail beds and cuticles to stimulate blood flow.
  3. Once a week – preferably on the same day so it’s a habit and one less thing to think about – file your nails. I use an emery board – first the coarse side to remove length, then the fine side to smooth and neaten. I keep my nails short because I write (type) every day and to me short nails look more chic and elegant.
  4. Before you pop into bed at night, apply a rich hand cream. Massage it into your fingers and palms, the backs of your hands, and into your cuticles. This is pleasurable – enjoy it! Then get into bed and prepare for your novel to go flying across the room when you try to pick it up in your slippery fingers. Oops! But worth it.
  5. Protect your beautiful hands. Apply sunscreen when outdoors. Use gloves when gardening, washing up, or handling anything harsh. (NOTE: By ‘harsh’ I do not mean your partner when you ask what they think of your incredibly expensive new boots. Still, rude.)
  6. Invest in quality hand lotions. Keep a pump dispenser beside every place you regularly wash your hands.
  7. Opt for no polish or a natural shade and your hands will always look elegant, even if your polish chips. Or follow the lead of French women and choose a classic red. Just be prepared for regular chip maintenance.

Protect your beautiful hands. Apply sunscreen when outdoors. Use gloves when gardening, washing up, or handling anything harsh.

Bonus Tips For Your Beautiful Hands

  1. By all means gesture and express yourself naturally when you speak. But unless you’re sending a ship-to-shore semaphore signal, maintain control of your hands. Keep them by your sides, in your lap, or expressing yourself with grace.
  2. On a related point, be aware of your hands at mealtimes. Lately I’ve been re-watching Sex and the City. In the scenes where they’re dining, I couldn’t help but wonder, why do they wave their cutlery around like they’re conducting Carnival of the Animals? It’s not chic!

Et voila! A chic and simple way to have beautiful hands.

Do you have tips of your own to share?

Maintain control of your hands. Keep them by your sides, in your lap, or expressing yourself with grace.

Your Chic Life Assignment For Week 6

  1. Review my chic-and simple approach to beautiful hands. Decide if you want to follow my approach, or do more or less for your regular hand maintenance.
  2. Purchase any items needed for elevated hand care – such as lotions, emery boards, washing-up gloves, or bedtime hand cream.

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Have Beautiful Hands

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