• Keep Calm: 10 Ways To Deal With Anxiety In Scary Times

    How do you keep calm when life is stressful – when the anxiety around you is high? With the coronavirus, it’s natural to be unsettled, anxious, afraid. We’ve faced nothing like this in our lifetimes, and we don’t know what to expect. So how do we keep calm and navigate these stresses with grace and wisdom? Here is what I’m…

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  • Inner Peace: 5 Steps To Start Your Self-Care Plan

    To be chic, you need a measure of inner peace. How can you be soignée if you’re reactive – flying off the handle or huffing about with a stressed-out air? We’ll… Read More

  • Personal Values: 2 Questions To Avoid Defensiveness

    A chic woman knows who she is and lives by her personal values. But there’s a natural yet insidious way to block access to your personal values: defensiveness. Does this… Read More

  • Phone Addiction: 4 Ways To Break Up With Your Phone

    Have you noticed how a phone addiction looks a lot like a codependent relationship? We tend to: Ignore who we’re with and what we’re doing as soon as they summon… Read More

  • Aging Gracefully: 9 Goals To Help Me Age Well

    Aging gracefully seems the very essence of chic – and the opposite of the desperate grasping at youth that is everywhere and tempts us all. Should we succumb to the… Read More

  • Inner Voice: 3 Ways To Trust Your Gut And Be More Chic

    What does your inner voice have to do with living a chic life? Style, simplicity, and self-care are the key elements of a chic life. Together these give you confidence,… Read More

  • Procrastination: 4 Lessons To Help You Start Now

    Confession: I’ve been wanting to start this blog for months, but a web of procrastination ensnared me. You see, I had the idea ages ago to write about living a… Read More

The ‘Chic Life’ Philosophy

To live by conscious choice and not convention or habit. To have less, but better quality. To do more of what matters and less of everything else. To live with grace, elegance, style. To show love, kindness, compassion. To experience inner peace and joy…  Read More

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