Day 4: Express My Personal Brand

Welcome to the Chic Life Audit: 10-Day Challenge. Are you ready to take stockget clear, and upgrade your life?

Here’s Day 4…

Express My ‘Personal Brand’: Day 4 Questions

  1. What words, books, and movies represent my personality, sense of style, ‘personal brand’?
  2. What color palette reflects my personality, sense of style, ‘personal brand’? 
  3. What observations do people make about my personality, sense of style, ‘personal brand’?
  4. How can I express these elements more in my closet, home, interests, and activities? 

A Snippet From My Answers

These are sample pages from my personal Chic Life Audit Workbook:

Express My Personal Brand
Express My Personal Brand

Your Check-In

  1. Enter your answers in your Chic Life Audit Workbook or your own notebook.
  2. Share at least one insight or action step from today’s audit questions – simply leave a reply in the comments below.

See you tomorrow!

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Chic Life Audit Free 10-Day Challenge
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  • Anonymous

    January 10, 2024 at 9:39 pm

    Day 4 of the Chic Life Audit prompts an exploration of your 'personal brand' through various mediums. It delves into identifying the words, books, and […] Read MoreDay 4 of the Chic Life Audit prompts an exploration of your 'personal brand' through various mediums. It delves into identifying the words, books, and movies that resonate with your personality and style, aiming to define your unique essence. Additionally, considering a color palette that reflects this personal brand helps in visual representation and coherence across various aspects of life. Observations from others about your personality and style offer external insights that can be valuable. Understanding these perceptions can aid in aligning your self-expression with how you wish to be perceived. Lastly, integrating these identified elements into your wardrobe, home decor, hobbies, and activities helps in authentically showcasing your personal brand in your everyday life. This exercise not only encourages self-reflection but also prompts tangible steps toward expressing your unique identity more intentionally and cohesively across different facets of life. It’s a thoughtful way to curate an environment and lifestyle that authentically reflects who you are. Read Less

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